I started this trailer build in early December 2007, with the intention of towing it behind my street rod to go to car shows. The crowds at the host hotels are getting too large, and you never get a good night's sleep for fear that some drunk will damage your car. The savings in hotel costs was also a factor. The two photos above is where I stated the build. The most complicated part was the doors. I made a jig from a piece of 3/4 inch thick particle core plywood to weld the frame around. The same jig was used for the left and right side by just flipping it. I've never done it like this, and found that the fumes from the burning wood made the welds a bit dirty.


The windows were ordered from E-Bay and were "New Old Stock". I had these for a few weeks before I started, because it determined how wide the doors were going to be. I was lucky to find these, because they saved me a few hundred bucks!! The left side is shown with some of the polystyrene insulation and ribbing. If you look closely, you can see the "T" nuts to hold the fenders on have been installed. It's little things like this that save a lot of time later on. You basically have to know exactly how the project will fit together before you start.

 Once I had the sides made, I put them away and started to build the frame. I didn't know how long the frame was going to be until the sides were done. Here you can see my "Junior Apprentice" Kyle, bolting down the axle for me.The two black arms in the corner of the frame are support jacks. These are used to level the trailer, as well as to take the weight off of the suspension so the whole thing doesn't bounce when parked.

 This smoky picture was taken just after final welding of the frame. The plywood floor was installed and everything got a few coats of primer and paint. I used Tremclad on most of the frame because it wont be seen, and it's a lot cheaper than automotive paint.